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Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is currently the most abused stimulant drug in America, which also has made it responsible for the most drug-related emergency room visits in recent years. Overall, cocaine is more commonly used by men than women and is used most frequently by adults ages 18-25 in the United States.

Some people wrongfully believe that cocaine is not addictive because it lacks the many physical symptoms associated with drugs like heroin or even alcohol.  However, cocaine is much more psychologically addictive.  This mental dependence makes recovery even more difficult because removing cocaine from the system does not eliminate cravings and urges.  Even permanent drug detox products do not combat the mental dependency. This is why there are so many cocaine addicts.

Dealing with Addiction

CocaineCocaine is often abused in conjunction with other drugs, primarily alcohol or sedatives like Valium.  This also makes cocaine withdraw hard to combat because these sedatives are often used in recovery to calm down the user during detoxification. However, they cannot be prescribed if they have also been part of the cycle of abuse.  Without the calming effects, many addicts never fully recover and will relapse at higher rates.

Addiction Statistics

Overall, cocaine addiction is nondiscriminatory.  It affects all ages, professions, races, and classes of society. The risk of dependence increases with prolonged use.  The risk of becoming addicted within two years of the first time cocaine is tried is 5-6%, while the rate for addiction after 10 years of use is 15-16%. The risk also increases significantly is the preferred route of administration is intravenous injection. Some studies have shown that, although cocaine is used more frequently by men, women are more likely to become addicted.

If you or a loved one has a problem with cocaine please look into rehab.