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Cocaine Rehab

Once cocaine addiction reaches the point of no return, the user can no longer get clean on their own, or with a drug detox.  Their only answer is to enroll in a cocaine rehabilitation program. Programs like Cocaine Anonymous or Narconon offer residential, long term drug recovery.  This is a severe user’s best chance at getting sober and staying that way for life.

Usually, the first step to combat withdraw in rehab is a nutritional supplementation. Often times, drug users neglect their overall health in favor of the drug.  They forget to eat and sleep and certainly don’t make nutrition a priority.  In addition, cocaine itself depletes the body of nutrients and minerals.  By supplementing nutrition, the rehab attempts to replenish the body, which will relieve depression and strengthen the body to deal with the upcoming withdrawal symptoms.

The next step is a cocaine detox to flush the traces of the drug from the system.  This is accomplished through the use of saunas, exercise and continued nutritional supplements like these permanent cleansers. Over time, the body will begin to let go of the drug residue in the tissues and cells (how long cocaine stays in your system), however as they are released, intense cravings are triggered. The user often shows reduced mental functioning and increased anxiety.

After the residue has been effectively removed from the body, the user will begin to feel better.  They will think clearer and their mental functioning will return to normal. They work with the rehab to define their goals for their new clean life.  Addicts may need to start fresh, letting go of old friendships that are bad influences or quitting a job that doesn’t correlate with a drug-free lifestyle.

Counseling will continue until the user is skilled enough to stay clean on their own.  They may return to their own lives but are recommended to attend meetings as often as needed to maintain sobriety.