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Marijuana Vs. Real Drugs: Differentiating Fact From Fiction

Weed - Marijuana Vs. Real Drugs: Differentiating Fact From Fiction

Typically, socially acceptable party maxims reference tobacco, alcohol and/or synthetic garbage. Within many cultures, it is customary to consume a glass of wine with dinner, and light up a stogie after afterwards. Beer and pizza, to others are as compatible as Led Zeppelin and heavy metal. And should you aspire to be a ‘star‘, you may be expected to overdose on cocaine, heroin or some speedball mix, prior to finally clawing your way to that sought after iconic status. Just ask Jim Morrison – Jimi Hendrix, Bon Scott or Janis Joplin.

Yet beneath the politely ignored and often deadly real problems – piles of crap, so odious – are heaped upon a non-menacing social plant, marijuana. Similar to those people dependent on antidepressant and over-the-counter medication, weed smokers are commonly frowned upon. Ostracized. Or simply labeled to eccentric for normal society. Though, paradoxically, it’s been proven that smoking weed is far safer than traditional party favorites.

As many musicians have recently come out of the closet regarding their love for this plant, Paul McCartney, the Beatles bassist/vocalist, handed down some sage wisdom concerning his need for weed, early on in his songwriting career. How many are aware that the song “Got to get you into my life” is not a romantic ode to some lost love; rather a realization of how important marijuana was to his creativity. After spending the first part of his life as a rather straight lad, Paul’s newfound passion for pot was related to his recognition of the rush of creativity brought on by marijuana consumption.

“I’ve not really changed my opinion too much,” the musical mastermind noted. “In a stressful world, I’d say weed is one of the best tranquilizing drugs. I’ve drunk alcohol and smoked pot. And of the two, I think pot is less harmful. People tend to fall asleep on it, rather than go out and commit murder! It’s always seemed rather quite benign to me.”

Primarily based on right wing propaganda, pots reputation emulates that of a virgin being labeled a whore. The legendary “Gateway” to a ruined life. In furtherance of their crusade to smear the reputation of this life-saving plant, the federal government has allowed a disinformation campaign, inferring that marijuana’s carcinogens are far greater than that of tobacco, while at the same time more addictive than alcohol.

This universal and systematic brainwashing of America’s public includes many religious organizations, big businesses and well-greased politicians. All with a single, unified goal, trying to make America’s pot smoker to appear as dysfunctional and unproductive as possible.

The fact is – nothing could be farther from the truth. When pot is used recreationally, as opposed to medicinally, the individuals use patterns tend to simulate that of a social drinker. When surrounded with likeminded people, pot can be a great dinner party enhancer, hot date icebreaker, or door activity companion.

Most important though, in today’s active society – alcohol, prescription pills, and synthetic concoctions leave one incapacitated and unable to participate in the healthy lifestyles that are embraced by marijuana smokers. While many professional athletes, from the NBA’s best basketball players, to Olympic gold medalists, in both snowboarding and swimming  have been known to indulge in a joint of the chronic before competition- and can pay the price if required to submit to random drug testing. Booze, pills and prescription drugs cannot do this.

Nothing makes me happier and more proud to be an American, then witnessing the transition of its once prohibition minded populace, to that of acceptance, tolerance and understanding.

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